Flower Children

Princes and princesses for one day

For the smallest of your guests we also have thought up something special. The cutest part of a wedding has also to be set into the right light. With our Kids Collection 2018 you will find the right outfit for the secret stars of your special day.

Flower children have become integral part of each wedding. They stride in front of the wedding couple when leaving the church and they scatter colorful blossoms on their way. Flower children consider it a great honour to play such an important role and they are always very proud of it and of course also of the festive garments they are allowed to wear.

By the way - you can order every girls dress in white for your daughter's communion or confirmation! Or you can have your own and your daughter's dress both tailored in the same color and same style! Whatever your wish is, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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